As custodian of Karuvium following my SL father’s real-life death recently and continuing to reflect his values of supporting people in need, I have launched an appeal which is based on Karuvium, to raise funds for this Red Cross appeal in Second Life.

The appeal takes the form of three networked tip jars in the Hades club, in the Olympus club and on the village square on Karuvium 3. It will be promoted in my Second Life groups, and on this website, and on-air, in the KLR radio station output in Second Life.

100 % of any proceeds collected will be converted to real money, and that money will be donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine appeal. Full accountability and receipts will be published in the Karuvium Light Radio group on Facebook and made public. This will also de done in my Discord account, and in group notices in SL.

Below is the video I made to illustrate this charitable appeal, and a picture of the actual tipjar in use on the parcel.