Last night by invitation I attended the Black Tie or Naked club in Second Life to see a production celebrating the life of Marilyn Monroe.

You might recall that I once did all the sound for a production at this theatre where I made a good friend in its owner, Theo.

The show is performed by ‘out of work actors’, in this gay establishment and I wondered beforehand how they might achieve the story seeing as all the actors are men, and Marilyn Monro was a woman.

They very cleverly interwove a soundtrack of Marilyn with live performances on stage. How they do those set changes so well is beyond my imagination, and the performers were powerfully and mysteriously attractive and fascinating; seductive too. It was a delight to see especially as every song danced to on stage involved a strip tease. Now I know why the theatre is called Black Tie or Naked.

I was pleased to see Edward Bolinger and Jerome Toman as part of the acting crew. I loved chatting to Snowy there who was in the audience and looking gorgeous as always, just like the cast of this production.

Once the show was over I chatted with Theo. He has agreed to work with me to produce a review of the theatre itself for Facebook and the KLR website. Work on that will commence this week.