KLR radio is at Second Pride this year, the LGBTQ event of the year. It runs from the 9th of June.

KLR has two outlets on the Second Pride venue this year, with a booth on the boardwalk of the West sim, and a store on the main streets of the East sim.

What makes this year different to others that KLR has been involved in, will be the live broadcasting from the main arena and places around Second Pride. The motor vehicle dealer ‘Bravis Ltd’ has provided an outside broadcast van to facilitate the look and feel of this, and tests were done this morning to rebroadcast events at the main arena on KLR Radio, live. It was a great success.

One of the goals I had for KLR which I mentioned a couple of years ago, was that KLR should be attending big events in Second Life and reflecting what communities do to raise funds for charities and the like.

I’m delighted that this now seems to be coming together. The real test will be when the sim is full of people attending shows and touring the stalls, tents and shops.