Villas Available for Rent in Karvvivm

The following properties are currently available for rent on the Karvvivm complex in Second Life.

A warm welcome is extended to all present and future residents on Karvvivm 3. These properties are lovely old Roman Villas. They are inexpensive but offer a staggering 200 prims with each rental.

They are set in the grounds of Karvvivm 3, with its wooded park, shops, games and two clubs called Hades and Olympus.

It’s a beach scene and adjoins the main Karvvuvm venue where there is so much to see and do, including a free daily fire and light show at 12 noon SLT.

We are a very friendly team, and we offer above-and-beyond service to our members and renters.

Experience Karvvivm for yourself. TP right here: KARVVIVM TP LINK