Tonk Bravis, who owns Bravis Limited in Second Life has gifted a drivable outside broadcast vehicle to KLR radio for use on London Square and at functions and venues across Second Life.

It is the Bravis GMC KLR Van and comes complete with a satellite dish for transmitting live back to the studio, and UHF ariels for studio-to-van communications and off-air reception, as well as receiving the studio output for use by the onsite engineer and producers.

“This is just like the real thing”, said Anthony Lovett, KLR’s owner, who is no stranger to real-life live outside broadcasts. “It adds authenticity to KLR in Second Life and I am ever grateful to Tonk Bravis of the Bravis Ltd motor company in SL. Apart from trundling around London Square, this vehicle is likely to make its first major appearance at Second Pride, the big LGBT festival that runs from June the 9th in Second Life.”