The latest advertiser to join KLR is Moon Bunny.

Moon Bunny is a popular brand of objects for sale in Second Life which include games, fun stuff and business tools.

The company is headed by Moon Brite who has provided KLR with many items for use in our own parcels over the years including raffle boards, engaging games and useful utilities.

When Moon’s technical guy, Scribsy Daxter, was asked to provide a raffle board for Second Pride that could withstand many users over a sustained period of time and withstand laggy conditions without faltering (Second Pride at times can be very, very busy with high server loads), he quickly produced a customised raffle board to our own graphic design. That’s just one example of how the Moon Bunny brand has supported KLR.

Moon Brite also authors the Facebook group called Second Life – Virtual World which boasts over 5000 members, and she is a prolific author of the website Moon Letters which is her resource and blog for all things Second Life.

Moon (Shauna Vella, in Second Life), also operates a popular Market Place store and an in-world store for her products and often has special offers for things in the Market Place store which are promoted on Facebook and via her website, Moon Letters.

KLR Owner Anthony Lovett said “The Moon Bunny brand has been a firm favourite with me and I have used many of the products on many of the parcels I’ve made in the past. Indeed, the new raffle board mentioned above is in use on several parcels and sims as we speak, and some games are in use on my London Square Karuvium Village parcel and in London Square itself. The latest edition has been deployed at the KLR booth on Second Pride West. I am delighted that KLR is advertising Moon Bunny on the radio station and I continue to cherish the relationship that I have with Shauna and Scribsy, and with the Moon Bunny brand.”

Moon Bunny In-World Store:

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