Anthony Lovett, who owns KLR radio, has invested in land on Legendary Estates – Nova Beach, to expand and compliment the magnificent Karvvivm complex also there, and is now adding ‘Landlord’ to his status.

The new parcel offers a village type of setting by the sea, and includes stores, a Tavern, games, two clubs (Hades and Olympus), Virtual Fishing, a Town Hall and a scenic landscaped wooded park. Anthony now invites people to become residents there. Here’s his report on properties he’s currently renting out.

Bordering the sea, the villas are quaint Roman style villas, and they offer a generous 200 prim limit, enough to fill it with your favourite furniture and landscape around it.


This was a villa house, but our renter asked if we could provide somewhere to reside, and have a store there. I always try to please my renters, and so a store with living accommodation above was provided.


This is the Villa Victoria II style of home which is located at the edge of the beach and opposite the lawns of the wooded park. These properties are popular with female renters and one of my renters asked for any doors to be removed so she could make it open-plan. There is a picture of it under the VILLA 4 heading below.


This is the Villa Decimus style building which offers a central wide hallway with rooms off, and a walled garden to the rear. It includes a stable for your horse, or this can be made into a garden equipment storage room, or potting shed, or whatever your imagination aspires to. It offers convenient accommodation and again with a generous 200 Prim allowance for just L$50 per week and again, space to landscape if desired.


My renter chose the Villa Victoria II style of home and decorated it beautifully, inside and out. To the left-hand side, the villa borders the sea with its waves and rocks. It looks idylic, and if ever I wanted a show house, this would be it. I was asked by the renter to make certain modifications to the building and was happy to do so.


Another Decimus-style house located conveniently to the park and all amenities. It’s a corner house ideal for a single person or couple.

I am confident that my renters will be happy on Karvvivm 3 and look forward to providing a venue and customer service second to none.

To see properties available for rent presently see my rentals page on this website.