KLR programmes are undergoing a refresher after being the same for almost 12 months.

Since installing cloud-based storage, there is a lot of reorganisation of music files going on. This has led to reorganising programmes and features on KLR. Regular listeners will notice some programme changes, with certain sponsored shows which are no longer sponsored being removed, and more use of the Main Mix being employed.

There is a new sponsor of the 80’s programmes which will be introduced in the next week or so.

There are now World News bulletins from FSN, near the top of some hours, notably when music programmes change. By example between the KLR Main Mix and the 80’s. This is being monitored and further streamlining of these may be needed going forwards. Ideally I’d like a bulletin only once every 4 hours.

So here is the programme schedule so far. All times are in UK time. Some shows are designed to play to an American audience to the Second Life Times (SLT). By example 4am UKT is 8pm SLT.

6am – 10 am – KLR Main Mix
10am – 12 pm – Turn Back the 60s
12pm – 2 pm – Redangel Country
2pm – 6 pm – KLR Main mix
6pm – 8pm – Turn Back the 80s
8pm – 10pm – Dance, Mashups and EDM
10pm – 2am – Mark Nova’s Legendary Trance
2am – 4am – Turn Back the 90s
4am – 6am – Turn Back the 70s

The new KLR Main Mix contains songs from to 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, Dance EDM & Mashups, Live Tracks, Album Tracks and other miscellaneous selections.

News bulletins are scheduled to appear once only every 4 hours.