Info about KLR Today

Tune in to KLR Today: The Ultimate Music Radio Station in Second Life

KLR Today is a music radio station in the virtual world platform Second Life, produced by Second Life member AnthonyLovett resident.

The station can be listened to by Second Life members when logged in and can be used anywhere in Second Life where the streaming URL is pasted.


KLR plays a variety of music categories, including pop, country, dance, trance, EDM, mashups, remixes, album tracks, and live concert tracks.

Our music URL can be copied from here and pasted into your land/radio settings in Second Life or into your Second Life audio/radio sets and web browsers.

There main stream URL.
This is a 192 kbps stereo stream which will work in your land settings in Second Life:

For other ways to listen, see our Listen Page here.

Who produces KLR?
I do. I am Second Life member AnthonyLovett resident and I produce all the station programs, IDs, commercials, and incidental effects, beaming it all into Second Life 24 hours a day.

What commercials does KLR play?
The station features short commercials made for those in Second Life who help significantly, with no fees charged as everything is done on a reciprocal arrangement. The commercials are kept to a minimum, and KLR does not stack commercials up or run them as a block lasting up to 11 minutes in length, as traditional commercial radio might do.

I do not see KLR as a commercial venture. Rather it’s a radio station run by a volunteer for people in Second Life to have as an alternative to the mainstream radio stations.

KLR does not stack commercials up or run them as a block lasting up to 11 minutes in length as a normal traditional commercial radio might do. This keeps adverts to a minimum so as not to interrupt your music listening pleasure too much.

Who helps?
I am currently supported by Legendary Estates, Redangel Clothing Company, Viper Isles dot com, Karuvium and the Romanum Olympus Club, all in Second Life.

Music Categories Played
KLR plays music from the 60’s to today across a range of categories including pop, country, dance, trance, EDM, mashups, remixes, album tracks and live concert tracks. I believe in a variety of strong, melodic, well-produced tracks and aim to please the majority of our listeners by offering a wide appeal. I do this through programme sequences and to see those, look on the landing page here.

How to contact Anthony Lovett at KLR
In Second Life, you can IM me. I am anthonylovett resident. In the real world use the contact form on this website here.

KLR is not part of, nor affiliated with, Linden Lab, the Second Life operating company, and is an independently produced, non-profit, self-funded, voluntary music radio service for use within Second Life.