KLR has a new advertising client who introduced me to the concept of speakeasy clubs and swing music. Pet runs the Pharmacy Speakeasy Swing Music Club in Second Life, and her advertisement will start on KLR later tonight.

A Speakeasy swing club refers to a type of clandestine establishment that emerged in the United States during the Prohibition era of the 1920s and early 1930s. During this period, the production, sale, and consumption of alcohol were illegal in the country, leading to the rise of underground drinking dens known as speakeasies.

Gaslight Gambino stands guard outside the illicit Pharmacy Speakeasy Swing Music Club in Second Life.

Swing clubs were a type of speakeasy that catered to music and dance enthusiasts, particularly those who loved the lively and upbeat style of music known as swing. Swing music emerged in the late 1920s and became immensely popular in the following decade, and the dance style associated with it was equally beloved.

A kindly gentleman allows me to illustrate swing dancing at the Pharmacy Speakeasy Swing Music Club.

Swing clubs were often located in basements or other hidden areas, with access usually granted only to those who knew the password or were otherwise invited. Inside, patrons would find a lively atmosphere filled with music, dancing, and often illegal alcohol.

The secret entrance to another world inside the pharmacy at the Pharmacy Speakeasy Swing Music Club in Second Life

Many famous swing musicians got their start playing in these underground clubs, including Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and Count Basie. These clubs were often racially integrated, which was rare for the time and helped to break down racial barriers.

If you need a jacket and shirt, this surly man will see that you get one. But don’t think about reporting the illegal club. His revolver on the counter suggests he won’t tolerate snitches.

Despite the illegal nature of the speakeasy swing club scene, it became an important part of American culture and music history. After Prohibition ended in 1933, many of these establishments closed, but the legacy of swing music and dance continued to influence American music for decades to come.

Authenticity and fine detail features strongly at the Pharmacy Speakeasy Swing Music Club in Second Life, including the music.

If you are looking for a venue in Second Life that is well thought out, strong in authentic and historical detail, with swing music from the 1920’s to the early 1930’s, the Pharmacy Speakeasy Swing Music Club is one place you must put on your list of places to go. The atmosphere is infectious too.

The Pharmacy is open with events two nights a week – Tuesday and Saturday, both from 6-8 pm slt, but anyone can go there to sample its delights twenty four seven.

The owner says “Head on in and become part of the Pharmacy Family, the friendliest bunch on the grid.”

Watch the video below and see the Pharmacy Speakeasy Swing Music Club in action during its 2nd anniversary. (Let it load).

SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nova%20Coast/230/198/22